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Coronado workers plant Glorietta Bay park house plants

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Walks into Glorietta Bay Park, off Strand Way, In Coronado will go past new plants in the landscape next to two park houses. Friday, Parks Department workers planted new plants at the bay house next to the parking lot, on the west side.

Putting the young plant shoots, largely day lilies and society garlic, into the park landscape.

Around the entryway to the Coronado Club Room and Boathouse, department workers planted over two hundred new plants. Rosemary and lavender will grow on the walk. Dozens of birds of paradise will add beauty to the bay landscape in the community park. The workers also planted two ornamental plum trees.

OPening new growth on the landscape upgrades the outdoor living landscape on the Strand Way strip the City of Coronado renovated during the 2000s.

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