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Coronado to get smart street crossing helpers

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Walk signals at Coronado street corners will get taken down. City contract workers will put in countdown signals locals make turn walk, and make sounds and talk, using push buttons.

Coronado has one smart countdown signal in operation at 10th Street and Orange Avenue.

New street crossing signals are ADA accessible.

Seconds put on the signal timer will tick down the safe crossing time until the red hand says stop at zero seconds. The seconds timed caution signal makes crossing more time efficient.

The contractor the city pays to change the face of the city's walking street corners will get awarded a contract on March 16th.

Workers on the cross city project will build the electric timing systems that move the city towards its pedestrian traffic efficiency goals. Timing crossers count on at the 10th Street and Orange Avenue intersection will undergo a timing efficiency adjustment. THe workers will replace split timing with lead lag timing.

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