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Coronado lining up Orange Ave countdown crossing signals

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Pedestrian signal upgrades started on Orange Avenue last week in Coronado. WOrkers put in the first countdown signal, and a yellow button, at First Street.

The new signals and buttons will take their spots at the intersections up the street to 10th Street. Work along the highway stretch on Orange Avenue will give walkers signals they can stand across the street from and watch their crossing time count down second by second. EVery second the time left to cross shortens shows up on the overhead display. Next to the crossing hand.

Red crossing hands flash to warn pedestrians not to start across the street. And, stop still to warn them, don't cross.

The white walking man tells Coronado walkers, and bikers, they can start across the street.

Pedestrians who stand next to the traffic signal pole, and press the button on the yellow pad, hear a crossing time countdown. The signals are built to work for pedestrians who can not see the countdown, and the walking man and hand. They are ADA signals.

Signal intersection work will last through July. The workers have until August 11th to finish installing the pedestrian countdown equipment.

The entire line of highway signals on the strand will change to the modern countdown signals.

Coronado stays busy upgrading pedestrian safety along its main street. Workers will totally reconfigure the 10th Street intersection on Orange Avenue. The street work undertaking will lower traffic risks downtown, and, improve safety on the busy travel line.

Sidewalk travel is less casual than it used to be on the island. Building up the sidewalk traffic stops along heavily traveled lines for growth in pedestrian travel gives Coronado locals, and island visitors, an opportunity to return to the walking paths. And, travel safe.

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