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Corona Extra rolls out the barrel across the Houston area

Constellation Brands

Corona Extra is a widely distributed brand and ranks among the top selling beers in the United States. It is the top selling import beer and is ranked 5th in popularity among all beer products. But what might surprise many is that Corona Extra is only packaged in bottles. It cannot be drawn from a keg, like most any other popular beer in America.

Not until now, that is.

In an effort to expand its base and appeal to its loyal customers, Corona Extra will be offered on draft in select markets. Houston happens to be one of those markets and its arrival in draft form has many people buzzing, from the chief brewer/supplier to local distributors and consumers.

“With draft beer accounting for approximately 10 percent of the industry as a whole, this is an historic opportunity to offer our flagship beer, Corona Extra, in the draft format,” said Jim Sabia, the chief marketing officer for Constellation Brands Beer Division, importer, marketer and supplier of Corona Extra. “Based on our success of Corona Light draft, we believe Corona Extra draft will play a key role in our growth, allowing us to reach new consumers while providing our loyal customers with more options.”

Corona Extra plans a marketing strategy that emphasizes the appeal of draft beer to existing Corona Extra fans while also attracting new customers to the brand. A series of billboard advertisements, social media campaigns, trade ads, and other marketing strategies will accompany the overall effort.

“We are confident that both Houston area Corona enthusiasts and brand newcomers will opt to experience Corona Extra draft at bars and restaurants when given the opportunity, alongside bottle purchases in establishments and at retail,” said Sabia. “We are thrilled to evolve this beloved brand to now be available in a pint and, as always, topped off with a fresh slice of lime, right on the glass.”

Only three U.S. cities have been selected for the initial Corona Extra draft rollout. Here in Houston, Silver Eagle Distributors will handle direct distribution of kegs to local taverns and restaurants.

“We are thrilled to be one of the first markets in the U.S. to receive Corona Extra on draft,” said John L. Nau, III, president and CEO of Silver Eagle Distributors. “Having such an iconic brand on draft is something our consumers have wanted for a long time. With warmer weather right around the corner, now is the perfect time for Houstonians to pull up a bar stool and enjoy this tried and true favorite in a glass.”

Look for Corona Extra on tap at your favorite bar or restaurant across the Houston area, starting immediately.

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