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Corn beef and cabbage recipe calls for all the traditional clean and none of the calorie adding ingredients! recipe calls for all the traditional clean and none of the calorie adding ingredients!

As Saint Patrick’s Day celebrants, Irish and non-Irish alike, begin to prepare their corn beef and cabbage meals for the quickly approaching March 17th healthy conscious eaters all over are preparing to enjoy the traditional Saint Patrick’s meal while hoping to maintain their hard earned figure. Unlike the proverbial cake, you can have your corn beef and cabbage and eat it too. This Saint Patrick’s Day don’t allow dinner to be a source of worry, as long as you prepare your food keeping a few simple things out of it.
Most of the ingredients are beneficial to your body; cabbage is high in fiber, Magnesium, which aides the body in energy production, increases bone density, and helps the heart maintain its rhythm, and Potassium crucial for muscle recovery, and corn beef, though higher in fat and sodium than more preferred lean cuts of beef it has almost 20 grams of protein per serving, necessary for muscle development and growth. 

What could be a great meal becomes a diet disaster when butter, high sodium marinades, and breading are added. This can be easily avoided by not breading the meat, also trying cooking it in low sodium vegetable stock instead of a marinade. If you are preparing potatoes try to avoid using butter and its equally high fat substitute sour cream. Eating the potatoes with the meat and cabbage should add enough flavor, but if you still are not satisfied and feel you must put something on your potatoes try salsa, no it’s not traditional, but it will save you 40 calories and 6 grams of fat (if you use only a half tablespoon).

If you are looking to eat out this St Patties day Magee’s Kitchen in the Farmer’s Market has been praised for their corn beef and cabbage. Finn McCool’s Irish Pub in Santa Monica is also a great alternative if you do not want to cook. Of course cooking is always your best option so you know exactly what is in your food, but if you must try these two places enjoy, just avoid the butter soaked Champ


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