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Corey Johnson bracket error:'Save' button cheated Corey Johnson out of $100K win

Corey Johnson's bracket error prevented him from winning $100K.
Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Corey Johnson made a bracket error that could have otherwise won him $100,000 in the Yahoo! Sports' Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge. The 28-year-old college basketball fan was almost the winner of big money until it was discovered he didn't pick a team to win! Johnson said he did, but apparently there was one more click on the computer that didn't register.

FOX Sports reports April 8 that the fan was number one in the top 20 brackets for the prize money. He had correctly picked three out of four national semi-finalists and both UConn and Kentucky for the championship game. Corey Johnson's bracket error came when no winner was selected. The error disqualified him from being in the top 20.

“It was like hitting the winning shot, then being told the clock had already expired,” Johnson said.

The unfortunate fan said he chose the Huskies to win it all in his bracket.

“I clicked UConn to win, put in the final score, and clicked save,” Johnson said. “I guess it didn’t save.”

It was noted in the report that Johnson said this before the Huskies beat Kentucky Monday.

If Corey Johnson enters another challenge like this, he'll be sure no bracket error happens because the "save" button didn't save his selections!

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