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Corey Harrison of 'Pawn Stars' shows off drastic weight loss

Corey Harrison
Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

"Pawn Stars" cast member Corey Harrison has something to be very proud of. The star of the History Channel reality show has lost almost half of his body weight since he had lap band surgery in 2010. Harrison had a major wakeup call after visiting his doctor. The physician prescribed him medication to prevent diabetes. He was only 28 years old at the time. Way too young to be talking about diabetes and heart attack prevention with his doctor. He tipped the scales at scary 402 pounds.Harrison knew that he had to take control of his life and wanted to be healthy. It was reported on Monday that he told People Magazine," I literally drove straight from the doctor to the lap band center and had the surgery almost immediately. Back then, the surgery was too expensive for my bank account, so I had to pay with four credit cards, but it was something I had to do -– I was not going to get diabetes!"

Since having the surgery, Harrison has been doing very well. He has seen fantastic results. The first six weeks after surgery he lost an amazing 50 pounds. He further progressed by losing another 100 pounds throughout the first year. He has since made more progress by losing 40 more pounds. He is now at a healthy 210 pounds. Fans have been congratulating him since he has made the big change.

Harrison has expressed that he is very happy at where he is and with the progress that he has made . He has completely changed his lifestyle for the better. He has been going to the gym on a regular basis. He looks very happy and healthy. CNN report Harrison saying "I box 12 rounds a day five days a week." He also has a passion for snowboarding. When he was heavier, it was impossible for him to enjoy the sport. He has now started snowboarding again. Hopefully Harrison will stay on the right track with his health so he can continue to enjoy the things he that he has missed out on.

It seems as though his success has been contagious. His reality show co-star and longtime good friend Austin 'Chumlee' Russell has decided to drop some major weight as well. He has lost nearly 100 pounds. He has gotten down to 225 pounds and is feeling much healthier.

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