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Corey Griffin: Huge proponent of Ice Bucket Challenge dies in diving accident

The Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for The ALS Association has brought in millions upon millions of donations, but some sad news has come about. People reported on Aug. 18, 2014, that Corey Griffin, a huge supporter and proponent for the Ice Bucket Challenge, and close friend of inspiration of the challenge, died in a diving accident.

A huge contributor to the Ice Bucket Challenge has died, Corey Griffin (right) with his siblings.

Earlier in the day, 27-year-old Corey Griffin helped raise over $100,000 for a Lou Gehrig's disease charity in honor of Pete Frates, his friend who inspired the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Around 2:00 a.m. on Saturday morning, Griffin dove into a pool from the "Juice Guys" building in Nantucket. The Daily Mail reported that he floated to the surface right after diving into the water, but then "went under again, not resurfacing."

An off-duty lifeguard was nearby and jumped into the pool to do what he could do to help. He ended up recovering Griffin from the pool, but he was announced dead later at a hospital.

Griffin was very good friends with former Boston College baseball player Pete Frates, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2012 when he was just 29-years-old. Frates' family and friends launched the Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise money and awareness in the fight against ALS.

Robert Griffin, Corey's father, discussed his son's fundraising efforts. He also stated that Corey was "the happiest guy in the world. He called me last night and told me he was in paradise."

Friends and family said that Corey Griffin had been so happy to help his friend, Pete Frates, as much as possible.

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