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Corey Clark sues 'American Idol' over wrongful disqualification

Corey Clark, former contestant of “American Idol” is suing "American Idol" for $250 million for wrongful firing and discrimination. According to RumorFix, Corey has papers proving that they had no grounds to disqualify him.

NORTH HOLLYWOOD,CA - MARCH 8 : American Idol Finalist Corey Clark poses during the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences ( ATAS ) Activities Committee present ' American Idol Live' featuring the 12 finalist from FOX's talent search sensation ' American Id
Photo by Michel Boutefeu/Getty Images

The alleged incident happened in 2003 when FOX learned that Corey had a prior arrest that he failed to reveal. Corey tried for many years to obtain a copy of his background check, and he has finally succeeded. Corey's background check papers shows that he was arrested for resisting arrest and battery in Shawnee County, Kansas. The case against Corey in this matter was dismissed. However, while Corey competed on "American Idol," the case against him reopened. He was charged for obstruction of justice. This time, Corey took a plea deal.

According to Corey, the dates of the background check do not support Fox’s claim that they didn't know anything about his arrest. The first page of the background check supports their claim with the date April 2, 2003, because this is two days after they disqualified Corey. However, when you turn the page, the date changes to January 15, 2003. This page shows Corey’s arrest record. Corey told RumorFix that this date is two months before they hired him and three months before he was removed from the show. Corey maintains that he told the producers about his arrest also.

When Corey made it to the Top Ten, he signed a contract, which made him, in essence, an employee of the show. Therefore, when they terminated him, they allegedly broke California labor law section 432.7. According to Rumor Fix, this law states that the employer can only ask about arrest convictions. They cannot ask the applicant about any arrests that did not lead to a conviction.

Corey’s complaints doesn't end with his disqualification concerning his arrest record. He claims that he was disqualified because he is African American. Apparently, since the show began, 16 African American contestants have been disqualified. However, one must note that since "American Idol" began, African Americans have won in the contest. Corey told Rumor Fix,”They have never disqualified a white contestant openly. If they have it was quietly it was done behind closed doors.”

Corey said his disqualification has ruined his reputation. At one point, he was so depressed that he tried to commit suicide in 2006 while in jail.

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