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Core stability exercises


core stability exercisesAs summer heats up here in Music City, looking great in that swimsuit has probably moved toward the top of your to-do list! Well, now you can work those abs with this stability ball workout without a single crunch! This stability ball balance, which advances by adding a pushup, is a great way to tone your whole upper body! Research shows that abdominal exercises done on the stability ball/ swiss ball/ balance ball activates twice as many core muscles as classic belly busters like the crunch and sit-up!

Trainer Tips:

Beginners - Only roll out as far as you can without losing your balance, it's ok to back up!  You want to be challenged but don't want to come crashing down!

Advanced - Roll all the way out to your tiptoes and then do pushups!  Talk about a kickbutt workout move!

Targets - Upper Body Muscles & Core Muscles 

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