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Core focus remains family court human rights, education and march on DC May 2014

Human rights in family court continues to be a focus
Human rights in family court continues to be a focus
Columbia University Law statues, photoshopped

California Protective Parents Association is actually a national shepherd for issue regarding child and family human rights protections in court.

The group CPPA has a FB and webpage. which posts announcements, educational links and meetings.

Last year, CPPA was the subject of a very hot article, as USDOJ had called for examples of 'outrageous' child custody outcomes. Many people sent their material. CPPA has removed any end date, so they continue to accept case examples. This article has a whopping 5.1K Facebook likes

MAY 2014 CPPA has planned another Parents March on DC 2014, which will be in May in Washington, DC. May 9-12, 2014

APRIL 2014 Saturday the 5, 2014 in Davis CA Speaking OUT against child sexual abuse and creating a trauma informed community


THIS WEEKEND, March 29th in Portland, Oregon from 130 until 330 at the Mariott Downtown Waterfront Hotel 1401 SW Naito Parkway,

Dr. Sharon K. Araji and Maralee McLean will be leading a session on domestic violence, child abuse and contested custody.

McLean will discuss her 2012 book PROSECUTED BUT NOT SILENCED, which details her story as a protective mother fighting for custody of her child who was being sexually abused by the father.

Araji will show and discuss her documentary DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CONTINUED: CONTESTED CHILD CUSTODY. McLean's book can be purchased at Araji's documentary can be viewed at

Araji and McLean are interested in connecting with protective mothers in the Portland area who might attend their session and briefly describe their cases in fighting for child custody in corrupt court, legal and social systems, or by briefly sharing their information so that it might be mentioned in their March 29th session. This presentation is part of the 2014 PACIFIC SOCIOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION March 27th- 30th.

CPPA has a variety of offerings, hoping to help develop a trauma informed community nationwide, and change human rights violations in family courts.

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