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Common Core State Standards (CCSS) is the new educational system for many states. Children will be evaluated on their grade level but the CCSS will set the “should know” standards.

CCSS is expected to be incorporated in America’s educational system. Many believe it is a move that will improve the education of American students. Opponents declare CCSS is too vague and does not provide sufficient curriculum guidelines to assist teachers in classroom implementations.

The initial execution of CCSS in some states resulted in a drop in assessment scores. Many educators and parents were in an uproar concerning these scores. The controversy of the implementation of CCSS starts with excessive government involvement and ends at disruption in the classroom. Many are unable to agree on whether or not the core standards will work.

Here is what to expect if CCSS is incorporated in your child’s school:
• From Kindergarten to 12th grade there will be “new English language arts and mathematics standards”.
• The new standards are to ensure that students are prepared for college work.
• CCSS hopes to put in place across the board educational standard of consistency for students in America. It will elevate the level of education for students in many states.

The pros and cons are embedded within the above outline, as a parent the major concern is always how does it directly affected “my child’s education”.

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