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Cordies; a creative new desktop cable management solution

Cordies unique design looks great and is functional.
Cordies unique design looks great and is functional.

Are you still trying to find an ideal way to keep your cables organized and up off the floor? The fellows over at Quirky have developed a new way to keep multiple cords easily accessible. Cordies, according to the Quirky website, are “an on-your-desk cable management system that organizes your assorted computer cables while also keeping them weighted down so they don't slide off your desk when disconnected”. It is a creative way to keep those USB cables, cell phone chargers and more in the same place you left them.

Cordies will be available in multiple colors, small size (about 3.5 inches in width) and has 3 individual loops that can hold 3 or more cables.

You can pre-order one now for $12.99 at The estimated ship date is March 20, 2010.