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Corbett is a no show so what's next?

Governor Corbett was a no show yesterday morning for a scheduled visit to Central High School located at Broad and Olney in Philadelphia. He told sources at Daily News that, "I take decisions head-on. But I was not going to be a distraction to the school day or to the students. I was not going to engage in the theatrics of what the adults wanted to do." Wow. Yes, you heard correctly, he called a group of protesters who are still experiencing the consequences of budget cuts in their schools, “theatrics.” A few weeks ago Anthony Williams also ridiculed protestors in front of his office during a public radio interview and there are talks about his bid for mayor.

The bigger question is, what will Philadelphia residents do once the time to vote comes? And how will we determine which candidate is educational friendly? You can start by reviewing the Teacher Action Group-Philadelphia’s (TAG) 2014 Candidate Report Card. Then check out the upcoming films to remind and educate you on why it is vital that you make the right decision at the ballot box because each second we lose another child to poor corporate educational reform policies.

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