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Coravin keeps your wine

The Coravin has become a popular tool in the professional circles of the wine business recently. From wine reps hitting the pavement to winery tasting rooms in the Willamette Valley, the Coravin system seems to be sanctioned for keeping fresh special bottles of wine.

The average drinker or home consumer of wine may not know about this new device, which is available for home use. At a $300 price tag, many people may ask why? But first, let's ask what the Coravin is.

Greg Lambrecht, the founder of Coravin, faced a common problem by expectant fathers who don't want to open a who bottle with a pregnant wife. A decade of work led this doctor to implement state of the art technology, resulting in the Coravin system, which pierces the cork and pressurizes the bottle with an inert gas, while wine flows into a glass. The cork, which is expandable, expands, resealing the puncture.

In this way, you can test a bottle of wine to see if it's ready for drinking. If it seems more bottle aging is necessary, simply cellar it once more and wait to taste it again in the next year. This is certainly a device for someone who invests in great (and expensive) bottles of wine. This isn't really the right toy for the Trader Joe's or Safeway six pack wine drinker.

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