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Coravin, a new way to enjoy wine

If you own a wine cellar and want to try multiple bottles what do you do? If you have a lot of friends over the solution is easy, open them up and share them. If you are alone the problem is more complicated. Sure you can open bottles and drink them, chances are you won’t remember much after the first bottle. There are several products that pump the air out of an opened bottle, but they tend to suck out aromas and the wine loses its nuances after a couple of days.
But if you are an inventor and entrepreneur you find a better solution. Greg Lambrecht is that person. Greg has been developing medical devices that have improved the lives of patients and the medical field. He used his knowledge of medical devices and engineering to solve his problem of enjoying multiple bottles of wine at one time without committing to whole bottles.
Welcome the Coravin! Coravin is a device revolutionizing wine tasting. The Coravin uses a special medical grade needle that is placed on top of the bottle with the foil cap still on. The needle pierces the foil and the cork, when you press the button the wine goes through the needle into the glass and argon fills the empty space to protect the wine against oxidation.
What does this mean for wine lovers? You can taste verticals of wines you have in your cellar and still preserve them to see how the age. By keeping careful notes you can track how these wines evolve over time. Also you can open the same varietal or the same year for side-to-side tastings without spoiling the wines for future sampling. This technology is a boon to wine collectors with large collections.
Restaurants can also benefit from the Coravin. They can offer high-end wines by the glass so customers can try special bottles by the glass instead of committing to a whole bottle. Restaurant sommeliers can finally show off special bottling’s of special wines normally only sold by the bottle and make them available by the glass.
Wineries are also discovering the advantages of the Coravin. Many wineries send pairs of bottles out for special tasting. One bottle for tasting and a back up bottle just in case the first bottle isn’t up to snuff. By using the Coravin they can taste the bottles before they hit the road to make sure they ate travelling at the highest quality before leaving the winery.
Coravin is also a useful tool for wine salespeople. Often they leave with bottles from the warehouse to taste these wines with restaurant people in charge of picking wines for their restaurant. With limited time, these salespeople often try to keep the wines fresh to use over several days. With formally existing technologies, like vacuum systems, the results could be unreliable. With Coravin these salespeople could keep their wines for several days without any degradation.
Wine shops are also finding a use for Coravin. They can let customers try before they buy. If you want to buy an expensive wine but aren’t sure about it, the wine shop can let you taste it with the Coravin system to make sure you like the wine before committing your money blindly. Consumers and wine shops benefit from this.
Coravin costs $299 dollars. That may sound like a big investment, but all of the above-mentioned benefits proves it is worth it. The needle that pierces the foil cap and cork is precision made in the United States. The purest argon capsules are made in Austria and the other parts are assembled in China. The package comes complete with an extra needle and a three pack of argon cartridges and wine bottle sleeve. The sleeve zips onto the bottle, in the past some damaged bottles have shattered when pressurized with the argon gas. Each argon capsule lasts between 15-20 glasses of wine. Replacement argon capsules cost about $29 per three packs, but that cost comes down when ordered in bigger orders.
It was a great treat to meet Greg and see the Coravin in action. It is a great investment for collectors and wine pros alike, go to for more info and to order.

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