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Coral Springs based Squelch personal odor eliminator goes Viral

Another local company makes waves with it's anti-odor spray!
Another local company makes waves with it's anti-odor spray!

Another company based in South Florida is making waves! This news comes out of Coral Springs, located just west of Fort Lauderdale.

“All I can say is WOW. Your product is amazing,” read one of the thousands of testimonials currently flooding the inbox of Steve Margolis, founder and CEO of Squelch, the first ever personal smell remover. Since its debut in the marketplace, the product has gone viral, receiving over 90,000 sample requests and a loyal following.

Squelch is a non-toxic, fragrance-free spray that eliminates odor on your hair, skin, clothes and other stinky sources. Unlike perfumes, deodorants and fragranced products which simply mask odors temporarily, Squelch eliminates the odor, leaving a neutral smell.

Anecdotal accounts by athletes, moms, smokers and plumbers are praising Squelch for making their lives a lot less stinky. Squelch is an immediate solution that’s easier than running home to take a shower. A few sprays and no one will know you had that smoke or didn’t shower after a workout.

“The world can be crappy enough as it is, we don’t need it to smell that way, too.” Steve Margolis, Vice-President of Marketing for Squelch explains. “Squelch doesn’t make you smell good, but it stops you from smelling bad. I’ve stood next to some people with the most god-awful body odor and they think they by dousing themselves in cologne that they’re taking care of the problem. Not even close.”

Squelch also works on animals. People love their pets, but hate when they stink. Neither you, nor Fido have to suffer any longer. A few sprays of Squelch on your dog or on your cat’s litter box solves that problem immediately. Squelch was actually tested at a horse stable and was shown to completely eliminate all the odor problems typically inhaled in that environment.

Squelch comes in a one-ounce spray bottle that is convenient to carry in your pocket, purse, glove compartment and brief case.

“There’s no excuse to smell bad any more. We expended considerable time and resources developing Squelch to meet this consumer demand. Athletes, smokers, chefs, fisherman, zoo keepers, and anyone else that stinks deserves quality and convenience without compromise.”

Consumers can learn more about and purchase Squelch from the company’s website and from selected retailers around the United States.

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