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Cora Vette rings in the new year at Bender's Tavern

Cora Vette & the Vinyl Tops special NYE show
Cora Vette & the Vinyl Tops special NYE show
Courtesy of CV

"I am the product of a recession and what happens when you get tired of worrying about what job you will find, so you make your own opportunities...and just go a little bit insane..."  - Cora Vette

Cora Vette and the Vinyl Tops, a newer rockabilly act, is coming out for New Year's.  The band is composed of Reyna Von Vette (of BurlyCute Burlesque fame) on vocals, Randy Rigby (guitar), Keith McCarthy (bass) and Branden Vandenburg (drums).  This NYE show will be held at Bender's Tavern; 8PM, $10 cover.  The show also features headliner family act Mad Max and the Wild Ones, The Atomic Drifters and The Tankerays.

I recently asked Cora/Reyna a few questions...

Q:  What's the grand plan here with Cora Vette?

C/R:  I want to bring back some of the lost music that was ahead of it's time...and uncover naughty songs that people won't believe were written by people their grandparents age.  I think every generation thinks that their parents or grandparents were totally square.  But, every generation has written some pretty twisted funny stuff too.  Some of my favorite titles - Drill Daddy Drill, When I get low, I get high....etc. and on and on...

Q:  Do you incorporate any of the burlesque aspects in your rockabilly show?

C/R:  Sometimes, it gets to be a pretty big show so we don't do it too often.  I am always in my signature sparkle vinyl costumes and usually tell some dirty jokes so there is always a burlesque aspect to it.  Sometimes I incorporate some go-go gals (my "wrenches") and at other times not.  It really depends on the venue and whether it is appropriate...

Q:  How long have you been a fan of rockabilly?

C/R:  I am a fan of all music that was recorded before technology got in the way of the singer.  I love rockabilly specifically because the women who sang it originally were going head first into a man's world decades before their time.

Q:  Who are some of your inspirations?

C/R:  Wanda Jackson, Janis Martin, Charline Arthur, Patsy Cline, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald...and on and on.

In addition to Cora Vette, Mad Max and the Wild Ones will be headlining this shindig.  This is a family band from Springville, Utah.  Three young brothers (Wyatt, Cole and Duke) started playing together at a very early age and gradually dragged Dad (Max) in as standup bass.  Wyatt showed his pop how to play.  Since 2006, this family band has played all over the country and even overseas.

For more info or tickets: visit Bender's Tavern.


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