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Cor Pan: MH 17 Facebook post presumes Malaysia Airlines plane crash to come?

Did passenger Cor Pan predict Flight MH 17 would crash?
Facebook/Cor Pan

Cor Pan, a passenger on Flight MH 17 on the Malaysia Airlines plane that crashed Thursday in Eastern Ukraine, posted a chilling Facebook post that appears to almost presume what was ahead. The plane crash in the Ukraine near the Russian border was due to a missile attack. 130 days prior to the tragedy, another Malyasian Airlines plane disappeared and is still without a trace.

Daily Mail reports July 17 that Cor Pan posted an image of the plane that MH 17 was on with a message reading, "If it disappears, this is what it looks like." It was interpreted as making reference to Flight MH370 back in March in which 230 passengers were aboard believed to have crashed into the southern Indian Ocean. Nothing in that investigation has turned up evidence in regards to debris or bodies. 280 people were aboard the downed plane in the Ukraine.

In the image of the plane Cor Pan photographed for his Facebook page, the Boeing 777 looks like any other Malayasia Airlines plane before passengers are seated. It was being prepped by airport personnel outside before the flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lampur Airport.

Cor Pan posted the photo and caption at 5 a.m., ET Thursday. Huffington Post reports that the flight took off at 12:15 a.m. local time at Amsterdam's Schipol Airport.He might have made a joke about the plane in case it wound up like Flight MH370, but little did he know that Flight MH 17 would be shot down by a missile four hours into the plane's destination.

The Dutch passenger was on the Malaysia Airlines plane with his girlfriend, Neeltje Tol. After verification by friends on Facebook and the like, it was confirmed by them that Cor Pan was indeed on the aircraft and in the Malaysian Airlines plane crash of Flight MH 17 when it was shot down by a missile in the Ukraine on July 17.

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