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Cops tv show update: Bryce Dion's family demands to see live video footage

Family wants to see Cops Tv footage of shootout

Cops tv show sound tech Bryce Dion's family wants to see video footage of the shooting that took place in Omaha this week. TMZ is reporting that the family has made it known to police that the still photos just won't do. An private source told TMZ that Bryce Dion's family met with the police on Thursday to discuss the case and the live footage.

Omaha police informed the family that they would not be allowed to see the Cops tv show footage until after the grand jury has finished investigating. The photos stills of the shooting that have been released to the public show a White male on the ground, lying face down, and an African American man wearing a hoodie with a gun pointed toward the officers. An examination of the robbery suspect's gun revealed that it was filled with air pellets.

Like something out of a movie, the Cops tv show crew members were shooting footage for their hit television documentary show. The Omaha police department was on the scene of a robbery in progress, according to Inquisitr. The tragic events unfolded after officers received a 911 of a robbery that was taking place at Wendy's restaurant. The robber, who was said to be holding the cashier at gunpoint, began firing his pellet gun at the cops, according to ABC-30. Amid the chaos, police fired a shot that killed production company crew member Bryce Dion. The robber, 32-year-old Cortez Washington, was also killed. Cortez Washington was on parole for a prior conviction at the time of his death.

Omaha cops have come under attack since the friendly fire shooting, with members of the community---Cortez Washington's family in particular---accusing officers of showing off for their tv show. The Omaha Police Department chose to participate in the program to show members of the community what takes place on a typical day with local law enforcement. Cops is airs weekly on Spike Tv.

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