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Cops: Nursing home resident beat roommates to death with arm of his wheelchair

The two roommates both died of blunt force head trauma.
The two roommates both died of blunt force head trauma.
Houston Police Department

A 56-year-old Houston nursing home resident, Guillermo Correa, was charged on April 23 with murdering two other residents at the Lexington Place Nursing and Rehabilitation Center by beating his two roommates to death with the armrest of his wheel chair. Officials with the Houston Police Department identified the two murder victims as Primitivo Lopez, 51, and Antonio Acosta, 77.

Lopez and Acosta were both pronounced dead at the scene from blunt force head trauma, according to The Star Tribune. Workers from the nursing home told police that Correa didn’t play well with his two roommates and ended up getting into a fight with both of them late Tuesday night. Police were called to the nursing home around 12 a.m. on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for the Houston Police Department, Victor Senties, said that employees at the nursing home don’t know exactly what instigated the altercation. Police are interviewing another man who was in the room, but reportedly sleeping when the fight broke out. Police say at some point during their argument, “Correa hit both men with the arm rest from his wheelchair.’

Ironically, paramedics were already on hand inside the building responding to another unrelated medical call when workers there called them into Correa’s room, according to Click 2 According to the police, the paramedics went to the room where they found the two badly injured victims.

"One, in fact, had stopped breathing and was unable to be revived. The other was able to be loaded up and taken next door to Memorial Hermann Northwest, where he was [...] pronounced dead as well." - Houston Police

Issues between Correa and his roommates didn’t come as a surprise to the daughter of one of the victims. Acosta’s daughter, Irma Chavez, said that “her father had long complained about Correa scaring him — as recently as earlier Tuesday.”

"My father said to me, 'Mija please, can they move this man out of this room?'" she said as she stood outside the nursing home on Wednesday.

The daughter told investigators that the suspect had a history of arguing with others in the nursing home, that he talked to himself and often cut himself. After the daughter reported her father’s complaints to officials at the nursing home, “she was told she could move her father to a different facility.”

"They said in order for people to move that person, he has to commit a crime or something. And now two people are dead," she said crying.

Police also reported that although Correa used a wheelchair, he could walk on his own when needed. Correa was charged with the capital murder of his two roommates.

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