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Cops in low speed chase with tortoise: Cops nab dawdling turtle in 1 mph chase

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Cops in California ended a tense, low speed chase with a tortoise after the promenading reptile, named “Clark,” was nabbed making a run for it, though it was certainly more of a meander. The 150-pound tortoise was picked up – literally – off the streets in East Los Angeles by two cops after receiving multiple calls from concerned citizens.

“Almost had a pursuit!” the Alhambra Police Department joked on its Facebook page. “It took two officers to take this guy into custody.”

CNN on Aug. 4 said that some responded to the police’s Facebook post and “made Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle jokes. But the Alhambra Police Department shut those down, writing that Clark ‘did not respond to Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raphael, or Donatello.’”

The runaway tortoise was reported by neighbors who teased that Clark was seen “eating grass and leaves and moving at a fast clip.” Alhambra police loaded up Clark into the back of their patrol car and dropped him off at a local animal shelter to identify the owner. News outlets are reporting that Clark went peacefully.

Commenters to the CNN article were equally humorous in their posts, and a little unkind to the LAPD.

I'm just glad they didn't put it him in a choke hold. – EyeKnow, who also wrote another great one-liner:

Once returned, Clark seemed to be a shell of what he once was...

Come out of your shell with your paws up! – Evenstar

Oh look, the police finally apprehended something without killing it, shooting it, or planting evidence on it. Well I guess you have to start somewhere. – Zoompilot

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