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Cops investigating second heroin death connected to prostitute Alix Tichelman

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According to a former roommate, Alix Catherine Tichelman – the woman who is about to be charged with delivering a fatal heroin shot to Google executive Forrest Hayes and then stepped over him and left him to die alone on his yacht – had her own drug problem that grew into a full-blown addiction. The former roommate, Mariya Armario, who once shared a residence with Tichelman in San Francisco, said that during the time they lived together, “She clearly was likely way gone in her addiction," according to a July 15 quote from USA Today.

The former housemate said that Tichelman was well versed in using the web to meet and solicit clients like Hayes. Police investigating Hayes’ death and another similar death in Georgia in which the escort/prostitute may have been involved, say that Tichelman posted on that she had more than 200 clients and an "ongoing prostitution relationship" with Hayes.

Tichelman will be back in court on July 16 where she’ll be facing drug and prostitution charges, as well as a felony manslaughter charge in Hayes’ death. Authorities are also looking into another heroin overdose death in Georgia in which Tichelman had a personal connection.

Tichelman's former boyfriend Dean Riopelle died of a heroin overdose. Detectives are reopening the case after ruling it accidental.

Tichelman’s last deadly encounter with Hayes – and Hayes’ death – were captured on a surveillance video which "shows everything," according to police. The video contains detailed footage of Tichelman arriving on the yacht, and also shows Hayes collapsing. Following Hayes’ collapse on the yacht:

That's when Tichelman picked up her clothes, the heroin and needles, casually stepping over Hayes as he lay dying. She swallowed the last of a glass of wine, lowered a blind and walked back on the dock to shore, police said. ~ The Sacramento Bee.

Riopelle died in his Georgia home of a heroin and alcohol overdose just two months before Hayes died. Initially, authorities ruled his death accidental. Capt. Shawn McCarty of the Milton Police Department in Milton, Georgia, said “At the time, we never thought anything different.”

On her various social media sites, Tichelman described herself as “A makeup artist, writer and model who loves monkeys and struggles with demons,” according to CNN. Tichelman also posted photos of Riopelle and Hayes on her Facebook and Twitter pages.