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Cops bust down door, gun down man’s dog inside his home after accidental alarm

Round Rock, Texas
Round Rock, Texas
Wikimedia Commons

Cops in Texas are accused of an overzealous response to a household alarm after a man’s home security system went off accidentally. Eight minutes after alarms were tripped inside of a home in Round Rock, Texas, police busted down the door and unloaded five of seven shots into a charging Rottweiler named, ironically, “Bullet.”

According to on May 30, Russell Lane said that on Friday morning, while he was at work, he received notification on his cell phone that his house alarm was going off. Lane, who said his front door is difficult to securely shut, canceled the alarm from his phone. However, police still responded, broke into his home, and killed his dog after fearing for their life. A neighbor heard the shooting and called Lane, who arrived at home to find his pet murdered.

Lane lived alone, and said Bullet was the closest thing he had to family. “He was 8 years old when they killed my best friend,” Lane sobbed.

Investigators said police announced their arrival and shouted through the door before breaking the door open. Signs on the property advise passersby to beware of the dog, and Lane says he’s sure that Bullet would have been growling and barking through the door. After breaking in, Bullet charged at the officers, and only went down after seven shots were fired, five of which hit the Rottweiler.

Lane was devastated.

“There's a sign in my window that says 'beware of dog' and you go all the way in my house with no sign of forced entry and murder my dog eight minutes from the time the alarm went off?” said Lane. “You didn’t give me time to disarm it or anything before you killed my dog. He was 8 years old when they killed my best friend. I understand if he got out and you were scared for your life because he was an aggressive dog, and you kill him out in the streets to protect someone but you don't come in this dog's house in his place and murder him.”

A spokesperson from the Round Rock police department say an internal investigation is underway. But Lane says he already is planning action against the department.

“I can assure you, they won't get away with killing Bullet in this house," said Lane.

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