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Cops accuse woman of child neglect for letting 7-year-old son walk to the park

Park - not the park in question
Park - not the park in question
Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images

A Fla. mother allowed her son to walk to the park alone last weekend, never realizing that it would lead to her arrest. Nicole Gainey told her 7-year-old Dominic that it was okay for him to walk the half a mile to a nearby park last Saturday, only to be arrested for child neglect. The child had a cell phone with him so his mother could contact him, but according to a local station, WPTV, that wasn’t enough.

Dominic was on his way to the park and passed by a local public pool. Strangers started questioning the child as he walked past, reported WPTV. “They asked me a couple questions and I got scared so I ran off to the park and they called the cops,” Dominic said.

Later, at the parl, the boy was approached by an unidentified police officer. At which point, the police officer took him back to his home and arrested the elder Gainey. WPTV reports that her arrest report noted the officer’s argument that “numerous sex offenders reside in the vicinity” of the park.

“He just basically kept going over that there’s pedophiles and this and that and basically the park wasn’t safe and he shouldn’t be there alone,” said Nicole Gainey.

“My own bondsman said my parents would have been in jail every day,” Nicole Gainey added, stating that she had paid a bond of nearly $4,000 before being released from jail.

Many remember a day when children would play in the neighborhood, with the community watching the kids. It seems that these days are at an end.

Do you consider this to be child neglect? Was little Dominic in danger with his walk to the park, cell phone in hand?

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