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"Copper": Paralyzed dog, future depends on finding foster-adopter, Mobile AL

"COPPER", paralyzed, chained, in despair. Rescued, gaining strength at vet, but future depends on finding foster/adopter.
"COPPER", paralyzed, chained, in despair. Rescued, gaining strength at vet, but future depends on finding foster/adopter.
Jessica Hebert

“They call him “Copper”, said Mobile, AL resident Jessica Allday.

Don't forget "COPPER", paralyzed Bulldog, rescued from despair and suffering, but needs loving forever home, or foster.

“From the email I received regarding “Copper’s” desperate situation, his name was about all this poor Bulldog had."

According to the email, “ Copper’s” back legs were paralyzed, his owner was in jail, and he was chained outside, in the back of a residence of a relative, who was either, or both, irresponsible or incapable of caring for him. His legs were skinned and bloody from pulling himself over ground and concrete. It was suspected that “Copper” suffered the paralysis after being neutered at an undisclosed veterinary clinic, but no one could pay for the tests to determine the medical reason. Therefore, for an undetermined time, as a result of neglect, isolation and despair.

“Copper’s overall health had deteriorated to a dangerous level.

“I had to do something,” said Allday. “All the rescues were full. Friends, foster homes and acquaintances were overloaded with previously rescued dogs and cats.

No one could commit to the responsibility of a dog in his condition.

“Calling Animal Control was out of the question” remarked Allday. “We feared he wouldn’t live out the day in that environment, or receive much needed vet care.”

That didn’t stop Allday. She continued to contact friends, rescue groups and posted on Facebook. In a matter of 24 hours, enough funds were pledged to help fund the initial veterinary expenses. Ark Animal Clinic & Rehabilitation Center graciously offered to take “Copper” in to their clinic on a weekly basis and start at once on evaluation and a plan of rehabilitation - if his condition allowed.

Last week, Allday and Sandi Lemieux picked up “Copper” after obtaining permission from the relative with whom he had been left. They rushed him to Ark Animal Clinic. He’s been there ever since.

“We had to act on faith,” said Allday. “We decided to go one day at a time, counting on the generosity of friends and animal lovers. We knew he would continue to suffer and most likely die if left in his current situation.”

Ark Animal Clinic staff reports that “Copper’s” tests revealed severe lung and urinary tract infections, infestation of parasites and heartworms, all of which are being treated. The diagnosis of the paralysis, without an MRI, points to Fibrocartilaginous Embolsim, but is inconclusive at this point. The nearest available MRI is located in Pensacola, FL, the estimated cost, in the range of $1,500.

Meanwhile, “Copper” is showing “baby steps” of improvement, responding to extensive therapy. His muscle tone is improving and he’s standing for minutes at a time without aid. Even with the results of a MRI, there’s no positive knowledge that other methods of therapy would be applied.

The clinic staff believes that, “being a Bulldog”, he is naturally tenacious, and he exhibits a strong will to walk again. It’s been suggested that “Copper” is a good candidate for a specially-built wheelchair used frequently by a large number of paralyzed dogs all over the world. But the staff optimistically adds, “We want to see that boy walk out of here!”

Allday, Lemieux and supporters visit and spend time with “Copper” every day.

“But we are running out of money and time”, says Allday. “Without the offer from a capable foster, or adopter, “Copper” has nowhere to go. We desperately want to pay for his temporary, long-term stay at the clinic, but it can’t be forever. We don’t know where to turn, except to keep faith that funds will come in, and most importantly, that “Copper’s” hero will appear, offering him the home and life he deserves."

If you can be that hero for Copper, contact

If you would like to contribute to “Copper’s” treatment and rehabilitation, you may call or mail in your contribution to Ark Animal Clinic & Rehabilitation Center, 3625 Springhill Memorial Drive South, Mobile, AL, 36608, (251) 342-2956. Paypal contributions may be paid to: (Please note that it is for “Copper”)

Allday says, “We won’t give up. He's come too far. Please, everyone, don’t forget “Copper". Thank you, with all my heart."


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