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Copley Theatre in Aurora to present art house and foreign film series

Art and foreign films screened in Aurora Film Society Copley Cinematheque series
Art and foreign films screened in Aurora Film Society Copley Cinematheque series

The Paramount Theatre celebrates its 80th anniversary season with a variety of entertainment to appeal to patrons of all ages and tastes. From Broadway musicals and family-friendly entertainment to comedy acts, incredible tribute bands and two movie series aimed at different audience niches, there's something for everyone this year.

Art house cinema devotees will want to look into the "Copley Cinematheque" series, sponsored by the Aurora Film Society. They've put together an interesting assortment of foreign, classic and specialty films, to be screened the second Tuesday of each month at 6:45P.M in the 216-seat Copley Theatre.

The Copley Theatre is located in the heart of downtown Aurora at 8 E. Galena Blvd, directly across from the landmark Paramount Theatre.

The line-up through September includes:

  • May 8 Big Night - Italian emigrant brothers open a restaurant in America. Primo is a culinary genius, Secondo is the business guy, willing to compromise to stay in business. An enormously, enormously successful competitor offers to call on Louis Prima to play a benefit at their restaurant. Great soundtrack and luscious food. (Late screening at 8:30 p.m. in conjunction with the Exchange Club's Taste of Aurora.)
  • June 12 Ne Les Dis a Personne (Tell No One) - French suspense smash hit. A pediatrician was suspected and cleared of being his wife's murderer but 8 years later two bodies have been found near his home and he's under suspicion again. Things get really weird when he receives an anonymous e-mail showing his wife (Kristin Scott Thomas) alive in the present - instructing him to "tell no one."
  • July 10 Withnail & I - It's 1969 London. Two louche "actors" leave their squalid apartment for a country cottage holiday bringing along their slackitude, alcoholism, repartee, and decadence. Dark & hilarious.
  • Aug. 14 Kes - Ken Loach at his best, shot on a very low budget, on location, using most local nonprofessionals as his leads. A story about a boy who's caught in England's class-biased educational system. One day he finds a small kestrel hawk and trains it to hunt. The bird becomes his avenue to a free and natural state.
  • Sept. 11 Gomorrah - A curative for the romanticism of The Godfather and Scarface. The characters are the foot soldiers of the Camorra, the crime syndicate based in Naples that is larger than the Mafia but less known, with annual revenues as much as $250 billion.

Admission is $5 for members, $8 for nonmembers. A $25 Yearly Membership Fee underwrites the cost of presenting cinematic presentations and events. Members receive reduced admission for two, along with two complimentary drink vouchers.

For more information, visit The Paramount Theatre.


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