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Coping with the struggles of a relationship

Contemplating life
Contemplating life

In the beginning of a relationship individuals can act a particular way.

As time changes and they start to grow as adults so do individuals in their relationship.

There are most definitely circumstances that add to this. There is marriage, the death of a close relative or a spouse, the birth of a child or multiple children, a cheating spouse, separation and in some cases multiple separations, divorce and not to mention purchasing a home, possibly loosing a home, loosing a car or some other material possessions and loosing a job due to cutbacks. The list of changes can go on but this is just to name a few.

Through all of these ups and downs of life there are those who just give up. These individuals feel as though life is too hard and they just can't take it any more. In some cases this is what causes the changes in their relationship to occur.

On the other hand there are those who seek a higher power in order to make it through the tough times. There are others who turn to God.

With God in a persons life there is new found hope to move forward. In this new found journey to find self at some point these individuals realize that the situations they have endured were meant to strengthen them. The purpose for the circumstances are unknown because only God knows.

In the end, which is the new beginning, these individuals also start to see life in a new light. As this new light begins to shine from the inside out others will start to take notice. This is also what strengthens or redirects a relationship.

It is at this point in a persons life when they are at their best. As a person gets older and wiser in this new best they clearly become more aware of who they are. Going forward with this new found best, life only gets better.

Do you know who you are?

Has your relationship helped to define you?

Has your life's journey caused you to get closer to God?

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