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Coping with technology changes the interview process

The times they are changing. Companies of various sizes have been using the phone interview to cut down the number of applicants for years. Since the Great Recession hit there’s been more applicants than ever before so you need to be prepared for this and the new “online video job interview or virtual interview.”

Job Fair one way of getting an interview
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Let’s address the phone interview first. It’s true they’re not going to see you but you still need to treat this like a face-to-face interview. Don’t forget they will pick up on voice tone and will be able to tell if you don’t know an answer. Believe it or not the experts say you should try to smile as often as you can during the phone call as it will influence your attitude and lets face it attitude is key.

The new virtual interview means you’ll have to have a laptop (any newer one comes with one built in) with a camera or a camera on your computer. Preparation in both cases allows you to have a “cheat sheet” that you ordinarily wouldn’t but if you keep looking down in the video interview it will not go unnoticed by the interviewer. Just like in the face-to-face interview you need to maintain eye contact as much as possible to be successful.

Last but certainly not least you need to bring your passion for the position, you need to let them know you want this job and you are the right person for it. Before the call get yourself pump up, get excited. Have your list of questions and answers to potential questions on your cheat sheet and prove to them that they’ve filled the position.

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