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Coping with Overwhelming Job Stress

Our nation is known worldwide for emphasizing the importance of work and career. But working hard sometimes brings to overworking and sacrificing relationships and health, both mental and physical, no matter if you choose marketing job position, or any other. Thus one of the most crucial things you have to learn are ways of managing stress so that you can perform at your best at work and at home.

Know yourself

Learn more about what stresses you out and be aware of your level of stress. Different people react to stress differently, and you may have all the signals of stress like headaches, muscle tension, lack of energy, anger, or irritation. Learn your own stress signals and make sure you react when notice any of them.

Recognize how you are currently dealing with stress

Do you have unhealthy behavior like smoking or drinking that help you reduce stress? Or you get angry with your family and beloved ones when you get overwhelmed by job pressures?

Turn off and tune in

Communication technologies both help you higher your productivity and let your work get into your personal time, spoiling your dinners and family vacations. Set simple rules in your family, like turning off your cell phone when you arrive home, or limit the time when you answer the calls. Technologies should be tools working for you and not vice versa.

Make a to-do list

This way you never forget of anything you’ve planned to do. This will help you clear your thoughts as putting everything on the paper (or into electronic task list) help controlling your life.

Have short breaks

Taking couple minutes to stand up, breathe deeply and shake off the tension on a regular basis will help you staying energized and productive throughout the day. Take 10-15 minutes every other hour in order to recharge and stay active.

Find healthy ways of coping with stress

Replace junk food, smoking or drinking alcohol with exercising, reading or meditation. Take it slow and keep in mind that behaviors need some time to form, and it might be difficult to get rid of them. If you come across any trouble with getting rid of unhealthy behavior, address specialist to get help.

Take care of yourself

Try sticking to healthy diet and get enough sleep and drink more water. Clear your body and health with help of yoga, and walking in park, swimming or playing sports. Take regular vacations and no matter what happens in your life, take time for yourself.

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