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Copeland is back with new album, IXORA

After a nearly six-year split, indie-rock outfit Coepland is back with a new track (streaming above), new album details, and some truly killer pre-order packages.

Copeland return with IXORA

The track comes off of IXORA, the first ever independently created album from the band, which is slated for release on October 31.

Following the release of 2008's You Are My Sunshine, the band's members decided to call it quits to pursue other careers, musical and otherwise. Although the split did offer a few decent musical moments (vocalist Aaron Marsh's cameo on The Morning Of's The Way I Fell In, and the side-project States), the group has been sorely missed. After sparking a movement, and maybe even a sub genre of their own, with their piano-laden indie-pop tunes laced with gorgeous vocal work, the band stepped out of the game.

Fortunately, they're back with IXORA, which can be pre-ordered in a few awesome bundles here.

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