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COPD? Inspiration applied.

Age 50 is rather young to die or suffer so...
Age 50 is rather young to die or suffer so...
Mary MacIntyre

Sometimes an inspirational story can move your day into a new direction. Here is a wonderful story about a woman with COPD. This article proves the power of hope combined with action. Too often when one has a chronic disease it is difficult to see solutions. Read the article. Parts of New Mexico, especially the Albuquerque metro area have high exposure to air pollution. Add the dry climate, multiple allergens, and high elevation lung conditions are very common.

COPD, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, is the fourth cause of death in America. In a recent study that included New Mexico residents, people were more likely to have an earlier onset of the disease. Read the whole abstract to learn the nature of COPD in New Mexico. The facts may want to make you catch your breath. Perhaps, some may choose to even stop smoking.

Emotional and addictive behaviors contribute dramatically to the conditon long before the person is diagnosed. Students as low as middle school begin smoking. New Mexico has laws against selling cigarettes to people under 18 years old. Park by almost any school when the classes let out, and witness all those who light up. The habit once started is very difficult to stop. Add sugars and coffee to the diet, example: coffee, donut, and the cigeratte and you have even a more potent and addictive habit. Few individuals can succeed in going cold turkey.

Santa Fe NM has a law forbidding smoking in all restaurants, and most bars that serve food. Many state and public buildings also post signs that state a distance away from the building before you are allowed to light up. Laws do not prevent citizens from smoking. Ultimately, the individual must choose the quality of life they want.

If you are interested in choosing alternative supportive supplelements to ease smoking addicition and support healthy lung function, you can visit your local NM healthfood store. You can visit the 5 NM Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, the several Pharmacas, or Whole Foods to find the following products.

  1. Herbs Etc. Chloroxegen. Made in Santa Fe NM.
  2. Cell Food, a concentrated liquid formula that oxgenates the blood and more.
  3. King Bio anxiety and Nervousness or King Bio 911 to suppoert stress management.
  4. There are also several homeopathic stop smoking products available in sotres (Some made in Albuquerque NM).
  5. Coffee alternatives that can reduce caffeine.
  6. No sugar snacks.

Work with your doctors and practioners. Today is your first opportunity to choose a plan that could extend your quality of life. Please share this article with people that you like and love.


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