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Cop who arrested Justin Bieber for DUI accused of misconduct 15 times

Cop who arrested Justin Bieber for DUI accused of misconduct 15 times
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The officer who arrested Justin Bieber for DUI has been accused of misconduct 15 times between 2001 and 2012. This places his credibility in jeopardy and Bieber's lawyers could use that to their advantage.

Officer Cosner of the Miami police department has failed to show up for court hearings five times, and TMZ reported on Feb. 20 that they have obtained the documentation to prove the internal affair investigations and reprimands.

Cosner was reprimanded in each of the five failures to appear instances, three verbal warnings and 2 written warnings. In Miami police department records from 1996 show that Cosner was suspended after three offenses involving violate the rules of courtesy and respect, off duty/secondary employment and unlawful compensation.

In 2007 Cosner was accused of offensive conduct/language, but it appears that case still remains open. In 2011 Cosner was given a written warning for sleeping on duty. In seven additional cases Cosner was exonerated by Internal Affairs.

There is a possibility that Cosner’s record could cause problems for the prosecution in the Justin Bieber DUI case. Bieber’s lawyers could if Cosner failed to appear in at court hearings because he did not want to be put under oath. If Cosner lied under oath he could be charged with perjury.

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