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Cop Shooter still at large, lockdown remains in Moncton

Lockdown of Moncton
Lockdown of Moncton
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The town of Moncton, Canada remains on Lockdown status today as police continue their search for a man who shot five officers on Wednesday. Three of these officers were killed, the other two were taken to the hospital and treated for non-life-threatening injuries. The names of the fallen officers have not yet been divulged.

Police say the shooter is one Justin Bourque, 24. Bourque has been seen by Moncton residents multiple times, but his whereabouts are still unknown. More than one station has posted the home movie where a family watched from their living room window in shock as Bourque shot down an officer right outside their home. To see video, go to the following link-

Multiple residents spotted Bourque yesterday. Some of these witnesses said that Bourque looked like “Rambo,” and the one photograph of Bourque shows him boldly marching down the street wearing head-to-toe camouflage and carrying two rifles as well as extra ammunition. A police spokesperson has said that these are high-powered firearms. One resident who saw Bourque said that it looked like he also had a cross-bow and a knife with him.

A scenario like this would be shocking in any residential neighborhood, but it is certainly a shock that the shootings happened in Moncton, a town that was named “most polite” in Canada, and that statistically has had only one homicide in the past 8 years.

It is not known at this time why Bourque went on the shooting rampage. Some stations have reported that before it started, Bourque posted the lyrics to a “Megadeath” song on his Facebook page. The page has since been removed. The lyrics that apparently resonated with Bourque can be seen at the following link-

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, also known as the RCMP, are staying in contact with the public via social media, and in a recent Tweet, they told residents that they believed Bourque was in the Pinehurst Subdivision area of the town. Residents have been advised to stay inside their homes and lock their doors. Schools have been closed, mail delivery has been halted and buses have stopped service to and from the area. Roadblocks have been set up and police have searched the nearby wooded areas but to no avail. Special Forces units including soldiers and SWAT teams have also been called in to help search for the shooter.
To follow this story as it unfolds, see the following link-

The RCMP has not yet spoken about what might have been Bourque’s reasoning for killing the officers, or how they knew that the shooter was Justin Bourque. However they have said that Justin Bourque was not known to the police or perceived as a possible threat before yesterday’s shootings.

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