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Cop seeks to flee reality via prescription meds, reality threatens him with 'termination'

Donald D'Amour: the name sounds like the hero of an old Western. These days when there are no cowboys or old school lawmen you'd have to be a modern day equivalent- a Texas ranger, an ATF man, or a cop. And indeed, that's the career path 32 year old D'Amour chose. After working for 4 years as a paramedic and emergency medical technician he clearly felt that something was not right in an existential sense, and so he joined the Police Department in Round Rock, a town just north of Austin which is named after a rock that is round

It seems however that his past and present have just converged as D'Amour was arrested Monday on suspicion of faking prescriptions.  A pharmacist at an HEB grew suspicious on November 20th when a doctor called in a prescription from Advanced Pain Care in Round Rock speaking very 'clearly and calmly' as he did so. According to the HEB employee this degree of relaxed self-assurance was 'very unusual' for the employees of Advanced Pain Care. Calling the clinic to inquire, the pharmacist discovered that the prescription was indeed fraudulent, and that the doctor who had supposedly called was not in fact treating the intended recipient of the drugs, who was, needless to say, Donald D'Amour.

The prescription that aroused suspicion was for Hydrocodone - an addictive painkiller very popular with young people who raid their parents' medicine cabinets. However according to police both Mr. D'Amour and his wife had also made efforts to acquire Diazepam - which the state of California offers to condemned men to soothe their nerves before execution and Cefalexin - which is apparently very good for treating urinary tract infections.

Of course, its a stressful life being a cop. You spend your days chasing criminals and car wrecks, witnessing all kinds of misfortune and trauma, listening to lies, dealing with bureaucracy, pushing like Sisyphus against the accumulated weight of human misery and wickedness.

But if you need to get out of your head for a while, well- that's what alcohol and cop bars are for. Obtaining a controlled substance by fraud is a third-degree felony. Currently on administrative leave, if D'Amour is found guilty he faces 'termination'- a heavy price to pay for those few, fleeting moments of sweet oblivion.


  • Tom 5 years ago

    Sounds more like you are already condeming him because he is a law enforcement officer. I bet this turns out like all the other cases where there was idenity theft.

  • Daniel K 5 years ago

    Let us hope you're correct- for Mr. D'Amour's sake.