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Cop kills 93-year-old: Outcry to fire cop who shot woman 3 times at her home

93-year-old woman shot by cop in Hearne, Texas at her own home. Town in uproar today and want cop fired.
93-year-old woman shot by cop in Hearne, Texas at her own home. Town in uproar today and want cop fired.
YouTube screen shot/ KHOU

A 93-year-old woman is dead today after she was shot by a Texas police officer who was responding to a 911 at her home. Pearlie Golden was known and very well liked in the small rural town of Hearne, according to CBS News on May 7.

Known by the nickname of "Miss Sulie" to the people who live in the community, the town elder's favorite greeting to her friends and neighbors was "Hey baby!" Today she is gone, shot by a police officer on her own property and the town's citizens are calling for that officer to be fired today.

A police statement reports that Officer Stephen Stern arrived at Golden's house responding to a 911 call on Tuesday night and the elderly woman "brandished a gun." Hearne Police did not elaborate on any of the other circumstances around what exactly happened on the scene at Golden's house, they have only said the officer has been placed on "paid administrative leave."

According to, a revolver was found at the scene, which is believed to be the gun that Golden was holding. The autopsy showed that Golden was shot three times, with one of those bullets just grazing her. The town's folk cannot see any reason for a police officer to shoot a 93-year-old woman, he should have just "backed off," said one resident.

The town residents are not alone in asking for the police officer to be taken off the force. Hearne's mayor is also recommending the officer be fired. Mayor Ruben Gomez, according to MSN News. He said the town has lost confidence in this police officer and "you can't have an officer citizens have lost confidence in."

The outrage over this shooting has spread far beyond the boundaries of this town. A vigil outside of Golden's home two days after she was gunned down had folks from surrounding areas come by to show their support.

Hearne is a town of about 4,500 people and it is a rural Texas town with cotton fields scattered throughout the area and railways weaving through the landscape. Golden's late husband was a police officer for the town of Hearne.

Many of the townspeople echoed the same thing, Golden should not have died the way she did, shot down on her own property. Hazel Embra, a geriatric nurse said, "That lady should be living today. She should not have died like she did."

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