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Cop equipped with array of duty equipment and a shovel

Although police officers are equipped with an array of duty-related equipment on their duty belts and in their patrol cruisers, one Tampa cop showed up to serve...with a shovel as well.

Tampa police Corporal S. Harmison, armed with duty belt equipment and a shovel, relandscaped and restacked a Tampa homeowner's lawn bricks toppled by an errant motorist. Harmison exudes myriad ways in which Tampa cops "serve and protect".
Tampa Police Media Relations

Tampa Police Corporal S. Harmison facilitated a Tampa homeowner's needs by repairing a cascaded number of landscape stones struck by an errant motorist. The stones were tiered two-high and served as an aesthetically-pleasing wall surrounding the homeowner's modestly-perched front lawn.

The home in question is located at a small intersection in Tampa. It is believed a reckless motorist encroached upon the city's concrete curb and made it far enough to where the landscape bricks were toppled, dirt scattered about.

Assuming incumbent upon her as a duty-bound public official, Tampa Police Corporal Harmison noted the ostensible issue, arrived equipped with her duty belt fastened around her waist...and a shovel readied in her hands.

In professional landscape-like fashion, Corporal Harmison re-stacked the landscape stones, repiled the soil, patted the topsoil's grass...and returned to her Tampa police cruiser.

Known as a progressive city law enforcement agency, the Tampa Police Department (TPD) employs and deploys over 1100-plus sworn police officers throughout its jurisdiction. Serving a population of approximately 350,000 people, TPD is multi-faceted with respect to special units and service delivery. For example, TPD has among its uniformed cadre of cops a Homeless Liaison police officer.

Assigned to patrol, meet, and address the needs of the city's homeless population, Police Officer Dan McDonald spends his duty hours as a definitive link to meet the needs of the needy, as TPD's Homeless Liaison.

Akin to Officer McDonald, Corporal Harmison typifies the caliber of cops TPD has among its roles.

Characteristic of the "To Serve and Protect" credo for which police members are known and primarily designated, there is no denying the actions of Corporal Harmison accomplished a great service for one of TPD's constituents.

Albeit upon private property and essentially considered a private matter (non-city property), Corporal Harmison nevertheless opted to right a wrong visited upon a citizen's residential property. By doing so, exercising compassion and selfless interest, Corporal Harmison exhibited an altruistic trait, further exemplifying the quality of Tampa's police force.

Rendering a Tampa homeowner satisfied is merely one attribute among many for which the Tampa Police Department is widely known.


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