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Cooperative game play benefits touted by experts and game makers

Cooperative games like Musical Chairs, teach kids social skills.

Cooperative game play has extensive benefits for both children and adults, as asserted by international toy expert Stevanne Auerbach, PhD (Dr. Toy) and game publishers like Peaceable Kingdom and Family Pastimes.

"[Cooperative games] have a lot of merit for classroom and family use," said Stevanne Auerbach PhD, who reviews toys & games at and has spoken about the importance of cooperative play. “Kids can cut out the one-upmanship and learn to develop strategies and friendly connections. Many parents want their children to have the experience of playing games without feeling as if they have to win."

Peaceable Kingdom started its line of cooperative games in 2011, after connecting and working with Jim Deacove of Family Pastimes. Since then, the company’s cooperative games have continued to increase in popularity and recognition via reception from professionals and families alike, as well as prominent industry awards. "[Peaceable Kingdom’s] games are in my therapy bag all the time," said Sherry Artemenko, a Connecticut speech pathologist who reviews games for her PAL Award at "Kids learn to help each other and work as a team developing social language as they offer solutions, negotiate and make decisions. Many skills are embedded in their games from math to language and motor development."

Peaceable Kingdom’s first cooperative game for older kids and families, What’s It?, received four industry awards in 2013, including being named one of Dr. Toy’s “10 Best Games ” and winning a PAL (Play Advanced Language) award. What’s It? was developed by Rosie Roberson and Joyce Johnson, and the game’s success makes it clear that families are looking for a more cooperative approach to game night. “It’s an honor that our cooperative games have been recognized,” says Peaceable Kingdom’s President Donna Jaffe. “We are thrilled that families and kids love playing our games and are having fun together.”

Peaceable Kingdom released three new cooperative games in 2014. The games are available in specialty retailers in the U.S. and Canada.

Since 1983, Peaceable Kingdom has created fresh, fun products that educate, stimulate and inspire. The company began with a single product, and has grown to be an industry leader in stickers, greeting cards and cooperative games. Connect to the kids in your life with Peaceable Kingdom. The company’s mission is to “make good, do good, be good!”

To see all of Peaceable Kingdom’s award-winning cooperative games, visit

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