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Cooperative family games take home the gold

Noodle Speedoodle
Noodle Speedoodle
Peaceable Kingdom

Noodle Speedoodle and Say the Word recently both took home the 2014 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold awards. In order to do so, game testers had to get down and dirty with the games; using their noodles and creating zany stories that created lots of laughs.

Both cooperative family/party games from Peaceable Kingdom ( were huge hits with the families that played them. The wins mean that all three recent game releases from Peaceable Kingdom are now Oppenheim winners – a hat trick for a company that only started making cooperative games in 2011. The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio is “the independent guide to children’s media,” with products tested by children and families and evaluated by a noted industry expert in child development, children's literature, and education.

“[Noodle Speedoodle is] one of the best new games of the season,” says Stephanie Oppenheim of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio. “Noodle Speedoodle sprang out of a bowl of chicken noodle soup… something I often enjoy for breakfast,” says game designer Peggy Brown. “I also like that ‘noodle’ is a noun, and a verb, and different noun. ‘Use your noodle to noodle about a noodle.’ Who wouldn’t want to play with that?”

Families can use games like these to get back to basics. In order to be a truly successful parent, you must spend time with your children. These games give you an advantage to that front – allowing you to spend good, quality time with your children, have fun in the process while your children learn a thing or two. There is nothing wrong with that now, is there?

In Noodle Speedoodle, use your noodle to speedily doodle in this quick-draw party game. You've got 30 seconds to draw a picture and get the other players to guess what it is. The trick is that you've got to include a noodle in your doodle. Spin the spinner to determine the style of play, pick a noodle, pick a card and choose a word to draw, flip the timer and draw! Guess correctly and everyone wins!

Say the Word is the Repeat-After-Me Silly Story Memory game! In this cooperative game, you will choose a zany character, some silly words and an offbeat challenge and put them all together one phrase or sentence at a time. Can't recall a word? Have the other players "charade” it for you. Repeat the story start to finish for the big win! Say the Word was designed by Joyce Johnson and Rosie Roberson. “We love how Peaceable Kingdom brought Say the Word to life and are thrilled and honored that it has won an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold,” say Johnson and Roberson.

“We are so lucky to work with incredibly talented game inventors,” notes Peaceable Kingdom’s President, Donna Jaffe. ”They are the ones who create these super fun games that bring families together. It’s exciting to be a part of that.”

Any parents interested in bringing their family together for a night of fun and learning, go to

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