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Cooper's Hawk Wine Club Worth Joining

Cooper's Hawk Wine and Truffle
Tricia Meyer

A couple of year ago my husband and I decided to try Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant in Indianapolis for our anniversary. Neither of us had ever been there before, but it came highly recommended. During our meal we tasted a number of wines and enjoyed them all. As the meal came to a close, they asked if we wanted to join the wine club. We figured we would give it a try and joined the one bottle club.

The next year passed and the club auto-billed to our credit card each month. We often forgot to pick up our bottles and would pick up 3 or 4 at a time. It was nice that they would hold them, so we didn't mind.

At some point in the spring we decided to do a full tasting because the wines had changed a lot. We noticed that if we upgraded our club to 2 bottles a month, we would get 2 free tastings. $18 for an extra bottle of month plus 2 tastings? Why not. We could always cancel it.

That's when things really changed for us and we became completely immersed in the club. No more did we skip picking up our bottles. We knew that we would get 2 free tastings every month, so it was crazy not to visit every month.

Beyond the tastings, we started reading the newsletter more closely. We had never before considered going to the special members only dinners but decided to give one a try. It was terrific. It was small, intimate, and catered directly to wine lovers. We had a wonderfully prepared meal, perfectly paired wines, and new friends at our table.

I've only been a member of online wine clubs before, such as the WSJ Wine Club, so getting the perks of a local club have been better than I could have even imagined. It's not just about the percentage off in the gift shop or the savings when we buy bottles. The club is really about learning to more fully enjoy wine.

If you truly love wine (or are heading in that direction), it is worth checking out Cooper's Hawk in Indy (or the others around the country). You will learn a lot plus appreciate the perks of the club even more than you anticipate.

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