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Coolibar infant sun clothing

Maggie, 14 months, modeling a Coolibar swim romper
Maggie, 14 months, modeling a Coolibar swim romper
Deanna Niles McConnell

Infant sun protection is a major concern for all Hawaiian parents as safe and truly effective sunscreens can be so pricey, especially considering how much sunscreen is needed to cover the body and then reapplied after swimming.  A smart way to give children full spectrum sun protection while in the water is with garments with ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) built in.  Coolibar makes swim clothes for children that are durable, attractive, and offer UPF 50 coverage to keep the sun off sensitive skin.

A wrist-to-ankle swim romper is a good start for parents who wish to provide maximum protection without using tons of sunscreen.  The Coolibar romper is made from aquaSUNTECT fabric, which is quick-drying and won't fade. Both fun and functional, babies will enjoy total flexibility in their aquatic pursuits without overheating.  The legs have easy-access snaps so getting swim diapers on and off is very simple. 

Our experience with the swim romper has been wonderful.  Given the cost of safe sunscreens, we believe that this romper will save money and potentially pay for itself over time.  My 14-month old daughter has worn her romper in the pool and at the beach and been able to move comfortably in the romper.  Though she is exactly average in height and weight and wears 12M clothing, we ordered size 18M so it would grow with her.  We have to roll the sleeves slightly and apply extra sunscreen around the loose collar, but we anticipate a good fit for many months of use.

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