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Coole Swan: Superior irish cream liquer: Review


Coole Swan (32 proof) is an award-winning spirit in a beautiful bottle. It's just simple and nice-looking and while we would just automatically love a smooth liqueur, this one is a bit harsh. We still like it. It's just a little on the rough side.

The nose is equal for alcohol and a sweet cream. An initial sip is both sweet and harsh. It just not the liquid candy that we are now accustomed to.

Mouth feel is like drinking water and even with its considerable harshness, the burn is not bad. It's like a skunk. It doesn't hit you until mid-throat.

Suggested retail value is $29.99. However, we urge you to shop around if you'd like to try it and while we cannot vouch for the VarMax Liquor Pantry, we found it here for $24.99.

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