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Cool Zones keep seniors out of hot outdoors

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Ready for the Summer heat? San Diegans get through the hot SUmmer days by relaxing in a cool place. At an air conditioned office. At a breezy beach. Or, at a library down the street.

No need to turn up the air conditioning at home, for smart locals. During June, County SUpervisor Diane Jacobs visited seniors at a La Mesa BOulevard senior center, in La Mesa, to tell county locals seniors, and the disabled, can beat the heat in cool zones. Indoor lesiure can be better for the health than outdoor Summer work at home.

Cool zones, at over 115 locations in the county, shut out the possibility of getting heat exhaustion, or, heat stroke. The air conditioning stays on. Just look for the white polar bear on the blue diamond sign.

The Pt. Loma Library on Voltaire Street lets in the local seniors to the inside. Seniors in Eswcondido in need of a cool place find a zone at the Park Avenue Community Center. San DIegans find cool zones in well known community places, June through mid-October. Libraries. Recreation Centers. Community and senior centers. The beaches to downtown. Out east to Alpine. Up to Escondido. And, down south to San Ysidro.

Visit the COol Zone website to find a list of cool zone locations. Or, look for a location on's white polar bear marked map.

County Aging and Independent Services partners with SDG&E to put the designated air conditioned zones on the county map. And, keep the air conditioning on.

Lower energy bills keep locals from having to spend money on high SUmmer energy bills to stay healthy during life lived in the SUmmer months.

The cool zones welcome in the general public. Any local has a place to stay cool.

Blue diamond signs in windows remind passers by they do no thave to try hard to keep healthy. Cool zones offer people an opportunity to escape from tiring heat in places across the country. Even at offices, work buildings, and outdoor work sites. The San DIego COounty cool zones guarantee seniors have a place to fit in a cool spot indoors.

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