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Cool weather in the south is good for planting

Roma Tomato
Roma Tomato

When the month of May comes around, gardeners in the south are well into planting and transplanting. This year with the cooler temperatures they wonder what plants or if plants can be put into the ground. While it is cooler this May than usual it is really a good time to move some of those plants. With the frequent rains we are seeing in the Florence, South Carolina area you won’t have to use city water.

As long as the night time lows stay above 50 degrees flower and vegetable plants can go into the ground even though the daytime temperatures are hovering around 70 degrees. The chance of cooler temperatures than what we have experienced over the last couple of weeks is past. The 80 degrees will be here in another week and with them the chances of rain will diminish as we fall into the hot days of summer.

Cucumber and squash are easy to grow from seeds. They will give you a good yield in a few weeks. If you can’t wait until your own plants fruit, purchase a couple of seedlings and place them at the ends of your seed rows. Tomatoes really like warm weather and planted in May they will be stronger than those planted while the temperature was still dipping into the 40 degree mark. They are more resistant to and blossom end rot and viruses that attack tomatoes.

So plant those flowers and vegetables and be thankful that the heat is not creating situations that force you to use city water just to keep your plants from drying up as the hot dry month of August approaches.