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Don't let snow block your career path.
Don't let snow block your career path.
Photo by D. Collins

Looking for a job is never easy, but in the dead of winter, it may be downright demoralizing. The howl of relentless winds and the persistent snowfall make it tough to even get out of bed most days. Fortunately, most of career seeking legwork can be done on the computer in the cozy comfort of home. This is the perfect no-excuse time to polish the resume, surf recruiting sites, and fill out applications. But when that interview is scheduled, and you still have to trudge through the drifting snow, be prepared.
If you’re unfamiliar with the location of the interview, do a drive by ahead of time. Plan extra time for road conditions and delays by checking weather and traffic reports before you leave. It’s best to arrive ten to fifteen minutes early.
Dress in layers for the cold temps. You can always leave hat, scarf, and any other bulky items in the car as not to clutter the reception area. Gloves, keep your hands warm for that all important handshake.
Weather is a safe conversation starter. Winter, we love it or hate it. You’ll find out quickly what your perspective boss thinks and can adjust your tone. If she’s an avid skier, you might want to find some positives about our frigid climate. If his back is aching from shoveling, show empathy.
Let your personality warm the interview and win the job.