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Cool pics from Car Craft Summer Nationals 2014

Car Craft magazine flat-out rocks.

Who doesn't like the new C7 Corvette Stingray, especially a coupe in red?
Who doesn't like the new C7 Corvette Stingray, especially a coupe in red?
Aaron Ahlstrom

Every year they come to town and invite a bunch of nostalgic car fans to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds for one big horsepower party. And year after year it just keeps getting bigger and badder with no end in sight.

All kinds of cool rides show up, ready to strut their huffing, supercharged stuff. Doesn't matter if it’s carbureted or fuel injected, trailer queen or project car; it’s all here. Muscle cars from the ‘60s. Groovy vans and station wagons of the ‘70s. Awesome ‘80s IROC-Zs. Custom choppers. Hyped-up and hiked up 4x4s.

Don’t forget the rat rods, their rust flaking off from every jeering pot hole.

There are just too many cool vehicles at the Car Craft Summer Nationals to leave another slideshow on the shelf. We can’t help but wonder how fast some of these cars are in the quarter-mile or what kind of G’s they could pull on the skidpad. The level of skill involved in some of these high-end builds amazes us to no end.

So, get ready for another great round of pictures that’ll make you want to plant your right foot to the floor and shift some gears. Squawk the tires if you’re in.

If you’re lucky, maybe your ride is already in here!

Make sure to check out all the coverage from the 2014 Car Craft Summer Nationals in the article links below.

Thanks again, Car Craft magazine, and we’ll see you next year.


For more information on Car Craft magazine, its events and show sponsors, check out their website:

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