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Cool outdoor toys from the TTPM showcase

The Happy's line of motorized plush pets
The Happy's line of motorized plush pets
Courtesy of Cepia

TTPM is the #1 source for all things play where consumers can research and find the best playthings. TTPM hosts a fun-filled one-day media event twice a year, one to showcase the newest and coolest summer toys and the other to highlight hot holiday toys. At this year’s summer showcase they had some really fun toys that are perfect for outdoor play. At the event, I learned that the three key summer 2014 toy trends include:
*A Bigger Blockbuster Movie Line-up
The big screen will make a big impact this summer. The four key movie properties expected to increase sales in the toy aisle this season, as predicted by TTPM are: Transformers: Age of Extinction, Disney Planes:Fire and Rescue, Godzilla, and The Amazing Spider Man 2
*Innovative Outdoor Toys
As the weather warms up, families reach for summer staples including bubbles, water blasters, chalk, scooters, and more. Manufacturers will introduce a variety of updated summer classics to encourage outdoor play for kids and are expected to be popular choices for parents looking to get their children outside and active.
*Breakout Hits
Recently released toy lines expected to be hot for the summer including the highly anticipated release of Paw Patrol toys and The Happy’s, an introduction from Cepia, the makers of Zhu Zhu pets.

There were so many fabulous products at the TTPM summer showcase! Below is a list of some of the highlights for me from the event.

The Happy’s
From the creators of Zhu Zhu pets comes The Happy’s, an adorable new line of interactive motorized plush pets that really play with you. This was one of my favorites from the event. It was so much fun and the kids loved it especially my one year old. These playful plush pets can be trained to perform tricks and make 25+ silly sounds. Play “keep away” or roll The Happy’s ball and watch them chase after it. Hold the Happy’s treat and they’ll come running. Each treat prompts your pet to perform a different trick like beg, pounce, follow, chase tail or spin. All Happy’s treats work with any Happy’s pet, so the more treats, the more tricks the Happy's will do! For more information, please visit

Little Kids
Little Kids expand its Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ product lines to include an assortment of fun bubble and water toys such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles™ Splash Out™ Ball, which is a fun new twist on the classic hot potato game. Fill the ball with water and start tossing it back and forth until the water chamber opens. It is currently available for $7.49 on

Transformers: Age of Extinction is slated to be one of the coolest films of the summer and the toys that go along with it are just as cool. My personal fave was the Chomp and Stomp Grimlock action figure, which can convert to dino-mode with a chomping jaw and light-up eyes. In addition, the included non-converting Optimus Prime figure can ride Grimlock into battle and unlock electronic lights, sounds and pop-out weapons. This product will be available in August and approximate retail price will be $79.99. Some of the other toys include the Mega One-step Bumblebee action figure where kids can flip this powerful robot hero to change from robot mode to sports car mode and back. This figure is also available in August and will retail for approximately $29.99. Need a Transformer toy now? Then check out the Transformers Age of Extinction One-Step Changers in Optimum Prime, Grimlock or Autobot Drift. Kids can convert from a great robot action figure into a vehicle or dino-mode and back—in just one step. This toy is available at Toys R Us for $9.99.

Y’all Ball
Play balls is something I usually buy every summer for the kids so I was psyched to learn about Y’all Ball at the event. This ball can bounce!! In addition to the incredible bounce this ball has, it’s covered with a shimmery fabric giving it fashion flair; it’s lightweight and very colorful. All you do blow up the Y'all Ball with any standard sports ball inflation needle and you’re ready to play ball! Y’all Ball is available in 7 sizes ranging from 6" mini's to a 40" Jumbo! They are durable for both indoor and outdoor play. For more information please visit

Mattel Brands
Can’t forget about something fun for baby during the summer! Fisher-Price recently introduced the First Steps Jumperoo that doubles as a stationary walker, letting baby jump or take those exciting first steps. The max weight is 25 pounds and it retails for $79.99 at Another hot movie for summer is Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue and launching next week at Toys R Us is the new Fire Blastin’ Dusty Crophopper. Kids can help Dusty put out the blaze by scooping up water balls and racing to the rescue. Then, take aim, pull the lever and shoot the water balls at the fire targets to take them out. Dusty also features realistic sounds and phrases triggered by “Smart Sound” technology enhance the play. You can pre-order now at Toys R Us for $59.99.

Skyrocket Toys
Skyrocket is known for its innovative brands such as FUZE Bike Toys. Their bike accessories are really fun. I loved the Cyclone Water Blaster and Bike Bubbler. The Cyclone Water Blaster is motorized and kids can shoot up to 25 feet of water while on the move! The Water Blaster fastens to any bike’s handlebars, and the rider controls the aiming and firing in a full 180-degree spectrum to soak targets as they ride by. The Bike Bubbler is motorized as well and easily mounts underneath any standard bike seat and shoots out a stream of bubbles as you ride. The Cyclone Water Blaster retails for $19.96 and the Bike Bubbler retails for $14.96 at

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