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Cool off with refreshing Chinese almond float

Chill out with a refreshing Chinese Almond Float
Chill out with a refreshing Chinese Almond Float
Grace Hwang Lynch

When the temperature heats up in San Jose, what better way to cool off than with a cold creamy bowl of... almond jello.

Also known as Almond Float or Almond Tofu in some Chinese restaurants, this creamy, lightly sweet dessert doesn't require turning on your oven and is lower in calories and more refreshing than ice cream.

Luckily, at most Asian markets you can now find boxes of almond gelatin mix, sometimes using agar, a seaweed-based (read: vegetarian) alternative to gelatin.

Even without a trek to 99Ranch or Marina Foods, Almond Float can be easily made with ingredients that are probably already in your cabinet.

Chinese Almond Float

It's easily made with ingredients found at any grocery store: Knox gelatin, almond extract, and canned fruit cocktail. Some fancier recipes use sweetened condensed milk instead, but this recipe sticks with plain old milk. Stick with 2% or whole milk give it a little bit of creaminess. Bring back old memories or make some new ones with this super easy dessert.

Serves 4-6


  • 1 packet Knox gelatin
  • 1/4 c. sugar
  • 2 tsp. almond extract
  • 1 c. cold milk
  • 1 can fruit cocktail


  1. Bring 1 cup water to a boil, when it is ready pour into a mixing bowl and sprinkle gelatin over it.
  2. Let sit for a minute, then stir the mixture until all the gelatin is dissolved. Hint: set the bowl over low heat to keep it hot enough to melt all the gelatin.
  3. Add sugar and almond extract. Stir until dissolved.
  4. Add cold milk
  5. Pour liquid mixture into a casserole or baking pan. Bonus points if it is Pyrex or Corningware, and even better if it's something you can serve the dessert in!
  6. Refrigerate until firm.
  7. Cut the gelatin into 1" cubes and then carefully mix with fruit cocktail and syrup, thinned with cold water to taste. If you really want to get fancy add a couple spoonfuls of Orgeat syrup to the mixture.

Read more about agar and Chinese gelatin desserts on HapaMama.


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