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Cool down with Ski Movies!

Various strategies exist for cooling down during the hottest days of summer. Some may choose to dive into a swimming pool; others eat ice cream or frozen popsicles that dribble down their chins. We respectfully suggest another alternative: hide out in a basement or other cool place, hook up your DVD player, and indulge in a ski film!

Here are some of the most popular movies with action on the slopes or other frigid settings for your consideration:

1. Downhill Racer -- A classic 1969 American movie featuring Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, and Camilla Sparv. The film centers on the story of a downhill skier who joins the United States ski team in Europe. His drive to become a champion in international skiing competitions, and the resulting success he finds, alienates his coach and teammates. We won't give away the ending, but let's say there is a medal involved. . .

2. Better Off Dead -- "I want my two dollars!" If you haven't heard this phrase before, you either didn't live in U.S. during the 1980's, or weren't acquainted with pop culture at that time. Granted, most of this film takes place on dry land, but a key dramatic scene involves a ski race on a treacherous slope called the K-12. See it if you need some lighthearted laughs.

3. Aspen Extreme -- aka "Top Gun on the Slopes." This 1990's film revolves around two friends who move to Aspen in pursuit of a better life. Soon they become ski instructors, but relationship, drug, and job issues cloud their powder days.

4. Any of the Warren Miller films -- If you missed out on the fall screenings, rent one and watch it on as big a screen as possible! Warran Miller has produced, directed and narrated over 750 sports films. His annual films on skiing and snowboarding are renowned for their astounding photography, witty narration, and amazing talent shown by the daredevil athletes featured in the films.

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