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Cool buildings? Wait till you see Phoenix's Health Sciences Education Building.

Health Sciences Education Building, Phoenix Biomedical Campus
Health Sciences Education Building, Phoenix Biomedical Campus
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So many people want to be outside.
But many prefer staying inside, especially once then catch PBS Distribution's Cool Spaces!: The Best New Architecture on DVD. The series profiles the most provocative and innovative public space architecture in North America. Each hour-long episode is organized around a central theme–Performance Spaces, Libraries, Art Spaces, and Healing Spaces–and profiles three buildings.
For each building, we see why it was designed, how it was designed, and discover just what makes the building so cool. Guided by architect and teacher Stephen Chung, we set off to explore these questions and decide for ourselves if a building really is a “Cool Space!”

The buildings highlighted in each episode are listed below.
Performance Spaces
· Dallas Cowboys Stadium (TX)
· Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts (MO)
· Barclays Center (NY)
· The Seattle Central Library (WA)
· James B. Hunt Jr. Library (NC)
· South Mountain Community Library (AZ)
Art Spaces
· The Barnes Foundation (PA)
· Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art (MO)
· Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts + Culture (NC)
Healing Spaces
· Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health (NV)
· Yale Health Center (CT)
· Health Sciences Education Building (AZ)

Craving more cool?
Time Scanners: Egyptian Pyramids (PBS Distribution) features world-famous structural engineer Steve Burrows, as he and the Time Scanners team travel to Egypt to scan the pyramids, the tombs of the mighty pharaohs. Standing proud among the shifting desert sands 4,500 years after they were built, the pyramids are emblematic of the engineering genius of the ancient Egyptians, and a lasting testament to the pharaohs' efforts to reach the sky. In less than 100 years after building the first pyramid, the ancient engineers honed their skills to arrive at the pinnacle of pyramid building-the Great Pyramid at Giza.
To find out how these buildings evolved from simple mud-brick structures to some of the most impressive buildings in the world, Steve and the team use groundbreaking laser technology to scan the structures and reveal secrets hitherto unknown. Join them in exploring these engineering marvels in a way they've never been seen before, and see the results that surprise even the experts.

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